The initial step on the 3-stage journey to becoming an Aura-Soma practitioner. The Level 1 foundation course allows you to uncover the language of colour and what conscious evolution can offer. This course represents a starting point for all those that are looking to trust their intuition and access a better understanding of themselves. It allows you to support not only your own wellness journey but also to support others to be the best versions of themselves.

During the 4 days you will cover the following areas:

• The principles of Aura-Soma as a non-intrusive, self-selected, soul therapy.
• Colour Theory: Primary, Secondary and Tertiary colours, Complementary colours, Hidden colours.
• The messages of colour – our gifts and talents.
• An introduction to the three stars in the Subtle Anatomy.
• The visible spectrum and the chakras. Sympathetic resonance as a key to restoring balance.
• The Consultation Process: The Colour Code of the Soul through time. The significance of the position of each bottle in the Equilibrium selection.Interpretation of each fraction in the colour selections.
• An introduction to the complete Aura-Soma range:
the Equilibrium oils, Pomanders, Quintessences, Colour Essences and Cosmetics.
• Demonstration and practical work with the aura and subtle energies.
• Demonstration and practical work in interpreting the Equilibrium selection.
• Guidelines for recommendations during a client consultation.

Mike Fan
Athens Greece
Contact: info@aura-soma-shop.gr

August, Thursday 3 – Sunday 6 2023
10:30am – 4:30pm

Mike Fan
Limassol Cyprus
Contact: info@aura-soma-shop.gr

August, Thursday 10 –  Sunday 13, 2023
10:30am – 4:30pm

Mike Fan
Nicosia Cyprus
Contact: info@aura-soma-shop.gr


The second step on the 3-stage journey to becoming an Aura-Soma practitioner. The Level 2 Intermediate course allows you to explore the deeper symbolism of colour and the different levels of colour in relation to consciousness and wellbeing, gain a deeper understanding of Colour and consciousness in relation to The Law of Three and the inherited tendencies and their gifts and to make connections between the Aura-Soma colour system and other wisdom traditions such as Buddhism and Numerology.

During the 4 days you will cover the following areas:

• An exploration of the 5 levels of colour – symbolic, spiritual, mental, emotional and energetic.
• The Primaries within all colours and the Three Tendencies.
• The Law of Three – Subtle Anatomy.
• Equilibrium and Numerology.
• Quintessences: further information on the Master energies.
• Colour Breathing.
• Uses of gems within the Aura-Soma system.


July, Thursday 27 – Sunday 30, 2023
10:30am – 4:30pm

Mike Fan
Athens Greece
Contact: info@aura-soma-shop.gr

September, Thursday 27 – Sunday 30, 2023
10:30am – 4:30pm

Mike Fan
Athens Greece
Contact: info@aura-soma-shop.gr

Aura-Soma and the 72 Angels of the Kabbalah Part 1 
Prerequisites: None

There are 72 Angels that guide humanity. Each carries a different Divine quality to uplift, support and transform. We each have 3 Angels that are assigned at birth and stay to guide us along our life’s path. These 3 angels are known as our Guardian Angel, Heart Angel and Intellect Angel and each supports in a different way.

This course will introduce the sacred sounds and colors that are connected to your angels. You will learn the story behind the system and how to invoke the angels into your everyday life. The light codes and color keys help to unlock your potential and support you to lead the life you wish to.

This course is open to everyone and part 1 is complete in itself with all the information you will need to find and invoke the angels for yourself, and friends and family. Parts 2 and 3 give a deeper insight into the 72 Angels.

Working with the 72 angels can be transformative, uplifting and positively life changing. No previous knowledge is required for this course, which is experiential and informative.

72 sacred names in Hebrew are expressed in three letter sounds, which accord and emanate specific angelic energies. Each of the 72 angelic energies has their own name, quality and function as well as being governed by particular days and times, giving personal relevance to each person who works with them.

Working with 72 Angels is a truly transformational process, whereby helping ourselves change the substance of being, by enhancing our awareness and raising our consciousness – an alchemical process, in accord with our light-body (Aura-Soma) and another way of making this conscious.

During this 4 day course you will learn about the 3 angels that are guiding you and how to invoke the energy of the angels into your life. The meaning of your color choice and the connection of this to your guiding angels will be explored on the course, which is experiential and involves chanting of the sacred names. Please do not be put off if you are not confident chanting as we make it fun and relaxed and chant along to a CD. You will receive a comprehensive manual with tables and a chart to help you to find the Angels, and their characteristics, for the relevant dates and times. You will receive a certificate of attendance and refreshments are supplied.


Aura-Soma colour education can support you if you want to work more deeply with colour for your own self-care,as well as healing arts practitioners and teachers who want to bring the power of colour into their work with others.


Aura-Soma distributors, Practitioners, teachers and students currently number around 50,000 worldwide.
Aura-Soma colour education, consultancy and teacher training courses are presented through the independent certifying organisation, The Aura-Soma Academy.


For over 30 years, hundreds of thousands of people across more than 90 countries have been drawn to use Aura-Soma. We welcome those that would like to become part of creating more conscious individuals, communities and organisations.

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