Pocket Rescue- “Physical” – 25ml


Deep intuitive insights in practical everyday life. A person with trust and peace in the conscious mind. Brings in a warmth and caring into all activities. This person can communicate with warmth and clarity and radiates a nurturing energy to others. These people can be out of touch with their own emotions. There can be a coldness connected with this colour. Often these people hide their true feelings and identity from others just as the beautiful deep magenta base hides the rich depth of magenta within itself, seen if you hold a torch or flashlight behind it. There can be a desire for perfection that separates them from other more imperfect beings. Sometimes difficulties in expressing her/himself. It may help us to open to the path of peaceful nurturing with insight. It may help to uncover self-deception and facilitate a new start, a new step forward. Can help in establishing contact with one’s own power. Offers deep peace and deep caring, and thus trust in a higher order.

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apply Along the entire hairline, around the throat, neck and ears.
Affirmation I love life. Life loves me.