Pocket Rescue- “Heart ” – 25ml


Issues of the heart – spaciousness and vision, and the whole emotional side of life. These colours are supportive in decision making and in choosing direction and purpose. Expressing feelings peacefully. Blue/green represent the energies that give us the possibility to move out into life with freedom. So spaciousness is needed and the ability to see where we wish to go. To achieve a goal it helps to set the intention by clearly recognising our vision. Blue/green can support this process. The Atlantean Bottle can indicate a strong intuition. These colours have been linked to the ancient culture of Atlantis. A connection to the thoughts of the sea and the creatures of the sea, particularly the Dolphins, who have become a symbol of all forms of communication. Choosing these colours may mean a deep clearing out of old emotions and energies to reveal forgotten gifts.

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apply Across the entire chest area, in a wide band starting at the collarbone, down to the lowest rib
Affirmation I express love and truth