Pocket Rescue – “Energy” – 25ml


A person with trust and peace in the conscious mind. Brings in a warmth and caring into all activities. This person can communicate with warmth and clarity and radiates a nurturing energy to others. Has great problems with the energies of the first chakra. All other problems are connected to this area. Also has difficulties in managing everyday matters. Does not see the opportunities life presents to the person. A need to look at feelings like frustration or resentment. Awakens the kundalini energy, the true Self, the Logos, in oneself. Stimulates harmonizing energies. Can facilitate personal growth. Helps with determination. Changes the way the user deals with strong emotions that comes from external sources. Also can change conscious behaviour relating to first chakra issues. May assist in coping with frustration and anger. Supports the balancing of first chakra difficulties. May release resentment. Can help with extreme lack of self-acceptance, especially if this lack is caused by an emotional issue.

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apply Around the entire lower abdomen
Affirmation Energy follows the intent