Pocket Rescue – “Coral” – 25ml


A person who can impart deep insights to others and who is useful as a vehicle for love and wisdom. Always lends an ear to others. Is very efficient and often works in a position with a lot of responsibility. Knows how to beautify his/her surroundings. Enjoys aesthetics. Generally feels great joy. An ability to understand new technology. Has talents for coordination and for counselling. May repeatedly falls in love with people who do not return love as they receive it. If a relationship would be possible, then the love stays unrequited. It happens that promises made to this person are constantly broken. A difficulty to trust because there are many unpleasant experiences to deal with then. Brings the Christ energy in its new grounded way into the user’s life. Helps to gain spiritual insights and to connect with deep inner joy. Increases efficiency. Enables the person to see clearly what needs to be done first. Can ease the feeling that “nobody loves me”. Brings self-love into life and opens to love coming in from outside. Assists in overcoming disappointments, as well as the feeling of not being good enough.

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apply Around the entire lower abdomen, as well as along the right side of the body, from the right earlobe down to the right ankle.
Affirmation I say goodbye to the past and hello to love