B90 – Wisdom Rescue (50ml) Gold / Deep Magenta


Dominant Characteristics: Can be a person who has solved the most profound problems related to confusion within. Radiates joy. Knows about the power of Divine love and has found love and compassion within the self. It is as though this person has found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, which contains the ancient wisdom that can now flow into the world. A person who carries hope for the future within.
Possible Challenge Aspects: Denies the wisdom that arises and the depth of love within. Is possessed by all kinds of confusions relating to self-worth. Possibly want to possess personal power and strives for it. Uses various tactics to influence and manipulate others. Can be confused and does not know how to behave, but nevertheless, he/she pretends to have no problems.
Spiritual Level: Helps to consciously express inner wisdom by bringing the love that is there into small, everyday matters. Brings about an understanding of alchemical matters, which enhance the qualities of love.
Mental Level: Transforms confusions and irritations that are related to power, into the wish for joy.
Emotional Level: Stimulates joy even if somebody has just encountered difficulties. Helps the individual accept the reasons for that which has provoked the greatest irritations, and enables to recognise that he/she already carries within that which will be of help.

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Main Theme To embrace one’s own confusion
Affirmation I find myself illumined as I rest in the belly living my life from this new perspective
apply Around the entire abdomen
72 Angels of Kabbalah Hahasiah
Principal Quality Transmutation

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