B84 – Candle in the Wind (50ml) Pink / Red


Dominant Characteristics: A person who is prepared to sacrifice one’s own needs for others. Possesses a dynamic and “grounded” intuition. Has a lot of compassion for people and is full of an inexhaustible energy. Is connected with the Christ Consciousness and carries it within. Likes to care for others and has the energy to do so. May carry a deep stillness within, and with it a charisma that touches others.
Possible Challenge Aspects: Thinks that he / she has not received the love he/she needs, mainly with respect to the female role model. Therefore, may holds resentment against the feminine. May carry a lot of suppressed resentment or frustration.
Spiritual Level: Leads to empathy for oneself and others and to expressing and using this emotion. Awakens deep intuition. Connects with the Christ energy, and opens to sacrificial love.
Mental Level: Helps the individual perceive him / herself with more clarity. Stimulates feminine, creative energy.
Emotional Level: Promotes self-love and self-acceptance. Can release resentment and disappointment, especially if these feelings have been caused by frustrated love.

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Main Theme Awakens the true power of love – the desire to care
Affirmation I let go of what has gone before that I may open myself to the power of love
apply Around the entire abdomen
72 Angels of Kabbalah Sitael
Principal Quality Candle in the Wind

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