B81 – Unconditional Love (50ml) Pink /Pink


Dominant Characteristics: Possibly a very intuitive and concentrated personality, which is evident in everything he / she does. Is able to bring warmth, tenderness, and intuition into all activities. Has compassion and can also express it. Can give and receive love very easily. Is able to help others to overcome their difficulties. Is connected to his/her feelings and is open about them. A person with an intense temperament and a lot of energy.
Possible Challenge Aspects: Longs for love. Might feel persecuted. Denies the caring aspect. Feels no warmth. Always seems to be in a defensive position. Because this person does not follow his/her intuition, difficulties can arise.
Spiritual Level: Opens the heart to unconditional love. Transfers intuitive information into everyday life.
Mental Level: Helps people to find the soft, warm and caring energy within themselves.
Emotional Level: Stimulates self-acceptance and self-love on all levels.

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Main Theme Compassion and understanding. The need for love and self-acceptance
Affirmation I love myself the way I am, not the way I would like to be
apply Around the entire abdomen
72 Angels of Kabbalah Habuiah
Principal Quality Healing

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