B79 – The Ostrich Bottle (50ml) Orange / Violet


Dominant Characteristics: A very happy person who has gained deep insights and uses them to serve others. Searches for spiritual truth. Very effectively supports people who are experiencing hardships. Has found a balance between spirituality and emotions. Is deeply involved in one’s own task and enjoys fulfilling it.
Possible Challenge Aspects: This person’s thoughts are ruled by feelings. Does not want to surrender but wants to run away (“like an ostrich”). Possibly still carries old heartaches within. Can indicate that one is in a strong emotional state. The denial of deep joy.
Spiritual Level: May help to release spiritual extremes and brings through the information contained therein so it can be integrated, which can result in great inner growth.
Mental Level: Assists in releasing old patterns, thereby helping the individual reach the potential.
Emotional Level: Can bring harmony into relationships that are dependency and co-dependency related. Promotes independence and self-love as well as deep joy.

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Main Theme A deep balancing from within
Affirmation I meet the difficulties and obstacles in life with renewed enthusiasm
apply Along the hairline and around the abdomen
72 Angels of Kabbalah Lehahaiah
Principal Quality Compliance and Respect

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