B70 – Vision of Splendor (50ml) Yellow / Clear


Dominant Characteristics: Someone who possibly who possesses a strong intellect, combined with empathy and clarity. Has a strong interest in knowledge. Possibly finds joy in meditation. Knows the self very well. Senses a still and empty place within that enables them to share one’s own wisdom with others.
Possible Challenge Aspects: This person is afraid to reveal him/herself, so there is a tendency to stay out of life and therefore a great suffering. An inactive loner. Hides all talents, acts in an over intellectual manner (this gives a suspicious impression to others).
Spiritual Level: May provide protection. Helps to overcome spiritual lethargy. Aids in gaining insights, especially into the nature of consciousness.
Mental Level: Removes mental confusion and self-satisfaction through clarity. Brings joy to the mental faculties. Connects with inner wisdom. Can facilitate integration of newly acquired knowledge (not meant for children who are learning in school).
Emotional Level: Can awakens a positive sense of ambition. Helps to cope with the sense of loneliness and to find contentment and enjoyment of all that life has to offer.

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Main Theme To gain greater clarity
Affirmation I open myself to joy and I see the light beginning to shine within me
apply Around the entire solar plexus area
72 Angels of Kabbalah Yabamiah
Principal Quality Transformation for the Better

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