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Dominant Characteristics: A very creative person who serves others. Acts for the cause, not for acceptance by others. Has understood how important and valuable the small things in life are. Lives spirituality in everyday life. Has deep understanding and affinity with the earth. This person’s love is great and expands beyond the personal. Has a strong sense of the immortality of the soul and that the only guarantee in life is change.
Possible Challenge Aspects: A tendency toward over exertion and over work. Can be easily disappointed. Perceives life as very difficult. Searches desperately for Divine love, because the love he/she receives from other people “is not enough”. Wishes life would present all answers.
Spiritual Level: Helps to bring love into the little everyday things. Connects with the inner teacher. Stimulates awareness. Brings a spiritual awareness into practical endeavours. Can help to dissolve spiritual disillusionment.
Mental Level: Can increase concentration, as well as the ability to be silent, patient and receptive. Helpful when a person suffers from a great lack of love.
Emotional Level: Frees one from the exaggerated need to compare oneself with others. Lets the user see themselves as they really are. Can bring tenderness into passionate emotions. Can lead a person to the realisation that love is always surrounding us.

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Main Theme Spirituality in action
Affirmation I wait in gratitude that the Divine is revealing itself to me at this point in my life
apply Everywhere on the body. (Excellent for use as a body oil)
72 Angels of Kabbalah Mebahel
Principal Quality Truth, Freedom, Integrity

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