B61 – Sanat Kumara & Lady Venus Kumara (50ml) Pale Pink / Pale Yellow


Dominant Characteristics: A person who can be kind, positive and considerate. Sees own strengths, and expresses them in a natural manner. Someone who has realized his connection or interdependence with all things. This gives deep joy and happiness. An honest person with a lot of love and feeling, for the self and others. May use meditation and reflection in very constructive ways.
Possible Challenge Aspects: Needs an excessive amount of love and is concerned about it. All sorts of things are in the way and prevent this person from opening up to possible love. A tendency to enter into relationships that create dependency. Believes that the masks people wear represent their real personalities, and is not able to look behind these masks. Feels abandoned.
Spiritual Level: Brings about a better understanding of suffering (one’s own and that of other people). Stimulates a deeper level of awareness, both in general and during meditation.
Mental Level: Helps to cope with the results of possible permanent mental input from role models.
Emotional Level: Clears deeply.

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Main Theme Personal loss, transpersonal gain
Affirmation I learn and grow through the obstacles and challenges that life presents me with. I see the gift in the circumstances that are presented to me
apply Around the entire abdomen
72 Angels of Kabbalah Vasariah
Principal Quality Forgiveness and Balance

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