B47 – The Old Soul Bottle (50ml) Royal Blue / Lemon


Dominant Characteristics: Has clarity and knowledge about many things. Is in contact with the Higher Self. Might possess mystical knowledge. Probably has a clear direction in life. Is also in contact with the heart and can express this.
Possible Challenge Aspects: Pretends to be centered and balanced, but in actuality, there is nothing but inner tension, intellectualisation and worries. Is may be inspired, but this inspiration is controlled emotionally.
Spiritual Level: Helps develop perception through the Third Eye and the ability to be inspired through meditation. Encourages discrimination in the spiritual field.
Mental Level: Brings balance to the analytical and creative mind. Makes logical thinking and helps gain new access to readily available knowledge. Inspiration.
Emotional Level: Can enable the user to perceive and define emotions more clearly. Helps to feel again after going through the intellect too much.

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Main Theme Connecting head and belly
Affirmation I make the best of my opportunities. I feel the joy as I see those opportunities clearly
apply Around the solar plexus and heart area, as well as along the hairline
72 Angels of Kabbalah Reiyel
Principal Quality Emancipation

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