B44 – The Guardian Angel (50ml) Lilac / Pale Blue


Dominant Characteristics: A transformer who liberates and transforms him/herself and others. A person with a peace mission. A person who is very inspired and in contact with the Higher Self. Communicates in a kind, easy, yet profound way. A connection with the realm of angels, with the etheric spheres and the ability to talk about that.
Possible Challenge Aspects: Lacks inner peace and is not grounded. Doubts a lot. Deceives him/herself and spends time in wishful thinking.
Spiritual Level: Encourages Divine inspiration and support from “above”. Can enable a person to trust the flow. The ability to discover one’s own divinity.
Mental Level: Encourages integration of the different aspects of life. Can have a grounding effect and can help to erase old patterns.
Emotional Level: May bring joy and a clear motivation that is independent from the desires of the ego. Releases suffering.

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Main Theme Transformation of negativity to peace that results from living in the past and from illusion
Affirmation I feel the lightness of my being. I feel protected and I feel all of the forces that surround me, serve me the best way that they can
apply Around the throat and along the hairline
72 Angels of Kabbalah Nithael
Principal Quality Rejuvenation and Perpetual Youth

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