B41 – The Wisdom bottle – El Dorado (50ml) Gold / Gold


Dominant Characteristics: Possibly somebody who “sows and reaps”, and who sees things from a “natural” point of view. Feels great happiness and is very positive. Discovers possibilities for growth in all trials and difficulties. Finds joy in all things. Is connected with one’s own inner wisdom and the centre.
Possible Challenge Aspects: Is obsessed with self-doubt and patterns of the past. Feels no joy and feels great inner conflicts. Leans toward dependency in relationships.
Spiritual Level: Beneficial for bringing more light into all personality aspects. Allows the individual to take in life energy. May reveal one’s own truth. Can lead to “right(eous) speech, right(eous) action, right(eous) life.” Establishes access to wisdom from the past.
Mental Level: Balances logic and intuition. Improves the ability to care for self and others. Helps the user attain what he/she wants and needs and also to take responsibility for the consequences resulting from satisfied desires.
Emotional Level: Brings happiness. Enables the person to overcome blockages in the Solar Plexus. Opens the user to joy and fun.

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Main Theme Assimilation and wisdom on all levels
Affirmation I see in front of me the gold at the end of the rainbow. My whole being begins to fill with light
apply Around the entire solar plexus area
72 Angels of Kabbalah Haamiah
Principal Quality Ceremony

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