B39 – Egyptian Bottle 2 – The Puppeteer (50ml) Violet / Gold


Dominant Characteristics: Finds freedom and joy in the service to others. Enjoys attaining knowledge and passing it on to others. May have universal understanding – that is, perceives and comprehends many things in life. Someone who is in tune with the own personal process – transformation is happening.
Possible Challenge Aspects: Harbours deep unresolved issues and holds on to them. May be confused and filled with deep irritations. Condemnation. A possible tendency to withdraw from reality. Feels very unbalanced and suffers from that.
Spiritual Level: Encourages the user to change all ideals. Helps to resolve irritations. Supports the transformative process of learning to know oneself.
Mental Level: Reduces the desire to condemn others by becoming gentler with oneself. Allows the user to cope more easily with confusion, fantasies, and illusions and to view the world more realistically.
Emotional Level: Helpful in overcoming deep current and past irritations. Can bring joy into a joyless life.
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Main Theme Knowledge and wisdom, service and compassion
Affirmation I am in a process of learning which is deepening within my being and from there I know I have a lot to share
apply Along the entire hairline and around the abdomen
72 Angels of Kabbalah Lauviah
Principal Quality Victory

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