B38 – Troubadour 2 – Discernment (50ml) Violet / Green


Dominant Characteristics: This person possesses natural authority and individuality in the best sense of the words. Is in contact with the heart. At the same time, has a strong feeling for the community. Has the ability to see both sides of a situation and then make the right decisions. Has balance between the conscious and subconscious mind. A seeker with emotional and intuitive maturity who is friendly, sensitive, and comforting.
Possible Challenge Aspects: This person does not trust the heart. May suffer from hurts. Has a strong desire for peace, independence, and solitude. Can be a person who appears to be desillusionated and has no spiritual focus. Searches for balance between the conscious and subconscious.
Spiritual Level: Furthers the process of finding the truth and reaching a new spiritual direction. Allows the user to discover inner secrets and to stimulate intuitive abilities. Resolves spiritual illusions and brings spiritual experiences from the head to the heart.
Mental Level: Can bring an overactive mind some rest. Helps the individual cope with authority issues. Brings about more self-confidence and independence from being accepted by others. Supports integration.
Emotional Level: Supports the heart on all levels, especially when the mind has ruled the heart. Helps the user gain understanding of one’s own suffering.
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Main Theme To get from thinking to feeling, balance
Affirmation  I take away all the labels between myself and my feelings
apply Along the entire hairline, around the heart area; with bladder and kidney problems, around the abdomen; with rheumatism and arthritis – wherever the pain is
72 Angels of Kabbalah Pahaliah
Principal Quality Salvation

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