B37 – The Guardian Angel Comes to Earth (50ml) Violet / Blue


Dominant Characteristics: Follows one’s own deals which are based on peace and harmony. May have a great intuition. Is communicating with great peace. An ability to see the overall perspective.
Possible Challenge Aspects: Responsibility rests heavily on this person’s shoulders. Has difficulties to communicate, lacks peace so that the life purpose cannot reveal. An inharmonious person.
Spiritual Level: Stimulates meditative energy. Transforms, nurtures and protects. Helps the user get in contact with deep inner peace and a spiritual purpose and direction in life.
Mental Level: Brings clarity into thoughts and speech. Gets the user to come to terms with the male role model (and, therefore, authority issues). Establishes contact with hidden rhythms of life being accessed through peace.
Emotional Level: Supports in phases of general life-changes, when the person feels insecure, unbalanced and a lack of peace. Helps to trust one’s own intuition.

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SKU  AS-EQ-038
Main Theme A balance in communication, protection and nurturing
Affirmation  I am open and receptive to whatever comes to me that it can overflow into the world
apply Along the entire hairline and around the throat / neck area
72 Angels of Kabbalah Veuliah
Principal Quality A State of Health Happiness and Propering

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