B22 – The Rebirther’s Bottle, Awakening (50ml) Yellow / Pink


Dominant Characteristics: Communicates knowledge in such a way that it is easily understood by everyone. Puts determination behind every action. A very accepting person with no conditions. Is in contact with the Divine intelligence and therefore feels liberated. Is in touch with ones own eternal aspect.
Possible Challenge Aspects: Can be a manipulative and controlling personality. Expects too much in return in view of what is given. Needs constant recognition. Possesses a deep-seated irritation of disappointment in the area of love. Difficulities in loving the self without conditions.
Spiritual Level: Initiates spiritual rebirth. Brings about deep self-forgiveness through love. Supports recognition of the Divine spark within.
Mental Level: Releases the identification with one’s shadow and one’s negativity. Encourages a more optimistic perception and formulation of new life goals. Helps the user realize what love is. Brings light and clarity into the aspects of self-love.
Emotional Level: Reduces the exaggerated need for love. Aids in coping with unrequited love and resultant problems. Helps the person deal with intense emotional feelings and irritations. Brings joy into the aspects of love.

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Main Theme Love without dependency. Rebirth
Affirmation I breathe in love and I breathe out love fully
apply Around the entire solar plexus area
72 Angels of Kabbalah No
Principal Quality No

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