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B117. – Turquoise / Red on November 11, 2019

Mike Booth is very excited about the birth of our new bottle and believes that this is another important step in the development of the system. Turquoise / Red and pan, it is almost the expression of the wife of queen kb, in a wonderful moment (11/11) there are so many openings for us, portals on his steps, as 11 is always a portal.

At the moment this bottle arrives, it comes through an open door as a prediction and inspiration for what will come.

The Spirit of nature is dynamically revealed, the spirit of nature contained in all plants, crystals, gems and in us, and indeed the spirit of nature wherever it arises.

The Turquoise in its main aspect is always both the creative force and the expression of the journey. When he is connected to the red, it seems to me that the creative force really arrives on earth so that we can manifest a creativity that we can understand our thoughts and feelings, our being and how they shape our own reality. In some sense, it is a bottle of which I think that it helps each of us to take responsibility for our internal journey, in a way beyond projections or transfers. We also consider turquoise strongly in terms of the journey of individuals and if more waves are available to us in the light grid of the earth, it’s like we could beat roots and like we could do it in a way that has previously been less available. An activation of the elders that is necessary for the being of the earth to support us individually and collectively on our way to ourselves.

Due to the obvious and deep connection with queen sab, I would like to quote Percy Bysshe Shelley’s ” Anthem of fold

From forests and Highlands,
We come, we come;
From the rivers and far islands,
Where the waves roar roar
To hear my sweet flute.
The wind in the reeds and reeds,
Bees on thyroid flowers,
The birds in the myrtle of bushes,
The insects on the rocks
And the reptiles on earth,
Silent like the old tmolus,
I hear my sweet flute.

The peneo fluid continued to flow,
And dark lies the mighty temple,
In Shadow of the lion without
The Light of a dying day,
Comforted by my sweet notes.
The Silenen, the silver and the whims,
And the sneezing of forests and the sea,
They reach the moist shore of the river,
Until the dark cave they arrive,
Just to listen curious,
They were silence and they were love,
Listening carefully, without a rumor,
As you are now, Apollo,
Jealous of the song of my sweet flute.

I sang to the dancing stars,
I sang to old earth,
The Sky and the giant their war,
Love, death and birth,
Then I changed my tune,
I sang like under the veil of mendes
I followed a magnet in the reeds.
Gods and people, we are all illusions!
Our chest is broken and we bleed:
Everyone cried; just like you now,
If anger or envy have not frozen their blood,
While you hear the hurting of my sweet flute.

In his poem Shelley writes about a competition between pan and Apollo. For the Greeks Apollo was the God of music and pan the God of rural music, nature, wild, shepherds and mountains – his creativity came from his senses. This expression of beauty in nature and the use of senses to feel, instead of relying on intellect, is what expresses itself in the pan flute in depth. In the poem “the metaphor” by vid, the flute was created when pan tried to hug the kidney siringa by hugging only pipe pipes. The Beauty of siringa stretched from its fresh nature to its form of reeds. It’s this inner existential beauty that pan finds irresistible – she thinks or doesn’t feel anymore – with pan she is now really.

Half human is very pleased with the birth of our new bottle and believes that this is another important step in the development of the system. Turquoise / Red and pan, it is almost the expression of the wife of queen kb, in a wonderful moment (11/11) there are so many openings for us, portals on his steps, as 11 is always a portal.

Red energy is often associated with anger and it is interesting that the word panic comes from pan’s anger when he was woken up from his sleep. This awakening of sleep phase, this awakening of dream, this awakening of another being state can often be accompanied by a feeling of anger, a feeling of anger, a feeling, because if we really wake up, we have to do it Face yourself to the unknown, the void or nothing. This combination actually leads us to another kind of consciousness, an awareness that actually has the potential to wake up.

Perch Spinoza, a philosopher from the 17. th century, published several works dealing with the divine throughout nature. Many called him the father of panic. This Spirit in nature is also something to worship, recognize something, and in our time it is necessary to revive this recognition. Queen Beb and pan are really inviting us to this revaluation.

Today Mercury will pass by before the sun and it will take five and a half hours to cross the surface of the sun. The Diameter of mercury is 1/194 in terms of the sun, and therefore a telescope with sun protection is required to see it when the weather allows it. The last time mercury was crossed in front of the sun was in may 2016 and before that in 2006. Mercury Tran Site occurs on average 13 times per century.

The key to mercury importance is the communication that reflects the same way in turquoise in the upper pallet group: this bottle can help us express deep levels of our feelings from our depth.

We have reached a time when in aura-Soma we focus on communication both on social networks and on other media and use the energy needed to make aura-Soma visible and less visible segments to a Niche in the world. The way this is translated into this bottle is very obvious. It is a wonderful opportunity for the aura soma community to get acquainted with the system and its development so that we can really get to know and take advantage of this opportunity in which the company has invested in terms of the portal and website To collect energy and help meet the mission and support of humanity on the path of waking up at this time. In some way, it is a precursor of events starting in 2020 So one of the portals also stands for reflection, growth, inspiration and creativity rooted in daily life in the coming months. The Proof of this portal 11/7 shows us that every time a door opens, we must be faced with something unexpected, unknown and unknown to put our faith on the test. There is a connection to the essences in 11, as the flower chain is tested in terms of what is true and what needs to be re-evaluated. By Turning 9 to 18, we also remember the potential of growing that started in the hybridization that began in ancient Egypt, and which gave us the opportunity to the snake in us as part of the heart in the heart From 9, the creation of creative power, which is always present through the cultures of the world from the first beginnings of the first time to the present, to follow the inner light. I would also like to inform you that this bottle can also help us protect ourselves from dealing with frequencies if we are actually working with the right intentions.

With love and light Mike Booth

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Main Theme An expression of the earthing of the creative force, trusting the senses rather than over reliance on the Intellect.
Affirmation I love the spirit in Nature and how it manifests itself in and around me.
72 Angels of Kabbalah No
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