B115 – Archangel Khemiel and Ariel (50ml) Orange / Red


Archangel Khemiel is to be thought of as having an elevated status in relation to the order of all angels. With Khemiel there is a possibility getting a glimpse of something of the source, to gain insight in to the essence of all that is. Chamael and Khemiel may be considered as different aspects of the same being.
In this bottle there is a combination of the energies of both Khemiel and Ariel. Khemiel is the female aspect and Ariel the male aspect, consorts or twin flames of the same essence. When we look in to the Orange and the Red we explore our insights and have the energy to be able to express them. As we release the awakening energy of the Orange we come to the awakening of that deeper energy of the Red, the Christ energy. Through the Orange we might feel empowered to face our challenges with the energy of the Red. We might think of this Archangel in the water world, a sense of the emotional aspect of our feeling being of ourselves being resolved with the Orange and the Red.
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Main Theme
Affirmation I stand firm in my faith and trust, my truth as I come to a real sense of unification
Apply Abdomen in a band around the body
72 Angels of Kabbalah No
Principal Quality No

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