B11 – The Essene Bottle 1 (50ml) Clear / Pink


Dominant Characteristics: A very strong, powerful personality who radiates great warmth and tenderness, as well as strong empathy; someone who can truly love. Looks at troublesome situations as growth promoting and is still friendly, even in difficult circumstances. Unconditional love and self-acceptance.
Possible Challenge Aspects: May appear arrogant to others, especially in spiritual matters. Has lost hope. Cannot give or receive love.
Spiritual Level: May clear away spiritual arrogance. Stimulates the intuitive energy and encourages the ability to express this energy clearly. This combination is an oil of deep spiritual love. The clear (silver) is the symbol of clarity – the silver cord -giving clearness of vision and purpose and spiritual awareness. This is the “love thyself” oil.
Mental Level: Helps overcome self-doubt, to build up trust in oneself and to find clarity and love within.
Emotional Level: Opens up the user to self-love, love for others, and to self-forgiveness. Useful in coping with the disappointment one feels after having given a lot and received practically nothing in return.

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Main Theme To get a feeling for what unconditional (self) love is about
Affirmation I love myself the way I am
apply Around the hips, the lower abdomen and back. Can also be applied around the entire trunk and the throat
72 Angels of Kabbalah No
Principal Quality No

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