B107 – Archangel Tzaphkiel (50ml) Opalescent Turquoise / Deep Magenta


Support from the Divine Feminine within for individuation and heightened creativity. The marriage of Love and Truth. Brings assistance in the process of personal and collective individuation and creativity (turquoise). As the soul-stuff is stirred in our depths, the questions of Love and Truth are called forth to weigh how much our hearts are heeded in our life choices and with sensitivity toward the being of the earth. The ‘rescue’ aspect of deep magenta helps to rescue our higher potential from the difficulties of the past through letting go. As we are lightened the Divine Feminine invites us into the grace of unfoldment: the wonder of stepping into the flow of our fulfilment and the expansion of the ‘I Am’ within.
The deeper aspects of the Divine Feminine. The watery aspects of the whole of Creation
Dwelling within Binah on the Tree of Life. Ruler of the order of the Angels called Aralin
Guardian of the Akashic Chronicles and their mysteries. The holding of an eternal ocean of compassion. The deeper aspect of intuition, the inner tuition of the heart. The overcoming of obstacles and the healing of strengths. An invitation to inner disarmament in order to reveal the True Gold. The death of what was and the purification of Myrrh. A love that asks us not to “get out of the Way,” but to become the Way. A glimpse, and a call, from deeper realities and dimensions. An expansion of personal individuation into the collective. Through this bottle She comes to protect the light workers in the temples of their bodies.

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Main Theme Tzaphkiel therefore comes as the Divine Mother to support us with compassion and protection so that we might allow our hearts to return to expressing love through what we do and the way in which we do it. Individualisation and expansion into the collective, inner tuition of the heart, a protection for the lightworkers
Affirmation  The sea of consciousness opens before me as I let go of the past
apply Apply in a band around the body between the 4th / heart chakra and the 5th / throat chakra
72 Angels of Kabbalah No
Principal Quality No

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