B105 – Archangel Azreal (50ml) Iridescent Coral / Coral


The 105 is a bottle which can address the shadow within ourselves. This is something that lies inside us unacknowledged, a repression that has been denied, that we said no to. This bottle will give the opportunity for healing, of making whole something from within the shadow, that we may come to new insight and understanding and new bliss of being.
Azreal also brings a sense of understanding of karmic seeds that lie within genetic structures and the sense of the inner unity, the coming together of male and female at deeper levels within the self. At this cellular level you get cellular awareness and cellular consciousness, the consciousness in the state between living and dying, the state between awakened and asleep. Those in-between states are something that this coral energy, the energy of Azreal speaks towards. There is the sense also of a coming of unification within the self. Azreal brings the understanding of that unification of ourselves.
There is certainly grace that comes. There has been here in Tetford a period of about 24 hours of rain which has led up to the birth of Azreal. This was preceded by a period of intense blue skies over a number of days providing a clarity which enabled the coral energy to manifest itself. It then came down in the form of grace in the rain and the area was shrouded in mist in the sort of density that had clouded the consciousness before the birth. We now have the possibility to come to a new understanding of many difficulties in relation to timing and in relation to sequences.
This is a truly joyful and blissful possibility and Azreal brings that towards us at this point in time. It is also to help us to go beyond duality and not fear our sense of separateness as acutely as we have in the past, so that we can see with the eyes of another to better understand their point of view.

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Main Theme Going beyond seperation, receptive to the feminine and touching unity
Affirmation As I breathe in the reality of love, I loosen my karmic ties
apply Around the entire lower abdomen
72 Angels of Kabbalah No
Principal Quality No

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