B103 – Archangel Haniel (50ml) Opalescent Pale Blue / Deep Magenta


The Deep Magenta signifies the love from above, the love that is synonymous with Grace, but yet, is also the love that we can put into the little things, into the details of life. If we are able to put our care and attention upon inanimate objects, extend care to plants and animals, then we may also be able to care more for our fellow human beings. This is the essence of the Pale Blue in relation to the Deep Magenta: thus, Grace may come about.
If we come from a place of lack in relation to love, or from a feeling that we do not have enough, then, in some way, we have not allowed love to come through us. Our sense of lack is also a result of what we have not put into the little things and how our need for love is experienced in this way.
Each of us has authority which is implicit; all we can do is to lose it. This happens in relation to issues of self worth when there is an attempt to control through fear, through manipulation, or other factors of a similar nature. The antidote for this phenomenon, where we can stand in our own authority, our own self-worth, is when the Light comes to the fifth chakra, the throat chakra. The Blue becomes the Pale Blue and we feel the sense of support of the Deep Magenta, the love from above, as we practice putting the care and attention in the little things.

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Main Theme The light at the end of the tunnel begins to glimmer in the distance
Affirmation I here and now confirm all that is positive in my life, moment to moment
apply Around the throat area, including the back of the neck and underneath the hairline all the way to the atlas bone in the spiral column
72 Angels of Kabbalah No
Principal Quality No

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