B 48 – Wings of Change (50ml) Violet / Clear


KEYNOTE: An understanding of the light within the depths of the self. Transformation in the conscious mind.

MAIN THEME: To clarify one’s life purpose – to look within.

VIOLET: Violet supports your connection to higher mind and promotes positive thinking. It carries qualities of transformation, integration and healing. It is supportive for those who are sensitive. Helps you to find your service in the world.

CLEAR: Purifying and cleansing. Helps you to release all that is no longer needed and brings light into the whole energy system. Clarity and understanding.


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Main Theme To clarify one’s life purpose – to look within
Affirmation The nourishing light comes to me. I feel fulfilled
apply Along the hairline; with hormonal and back problems, also apply around the abdomen
72 Angels of Kabbalah Leuviah
Principal Quality Expansive Intelligence. Fruition

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