B 102 – Archangel Samael (50ml) Deep Olive / Deep Magenta


How to uproot the conflicts within ourselves, not to try, not to force, not to set up resistance, but to come to real peace (the hidden Blue), to the hope (Olive) that is there for the future. Is not this what the Olive branch, that the Dove of the Holy Spirit symbolized to Noah, as he waited for and knew that the new world would come about, with the covenant of the rainbow, that assures us of the potential for a more conscious future.
An aspect of the Deep Olive could be a love on a personal level that has been unable to be expressed, a love for one who went away to war and was never to return: a loss unresolved as the depth of the caring was unable to be expressed. It is evident that within this bottle are many levels of polarity and paradox. Even the colours, Olive/Magenta, are opposites on the colour wheel. The bottle contains the colours of the ancient Tao, the Green/Red, expressive of the polarity within Existence. It is possible to say, that to create a unified view, without coercion, it is necessary to fully integrate the polarities within oneself.

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Main Theme The possibility of going beyond reactivity. Greater trust that the process of life is unfolding without the bitterness, to bring a new understanding of the truth
Affirmation I re-evaluate my beliefs and ideals and I see a new sense of hope in the midst of the conditions of life
apply Over the whole area between the bottom of the sternum and the upper abdomen, as well as over the lower part of the chest in a complete band around the body, including the lower thoracic spine
72 Angels of Kabbalah No
Principal Quality No

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