The Archangeloi correspond to the Archangels; a higher level of Angelic mediators between the Human and the Divine. Introducing the Archangeloi into the energy field can help to activate light seeds in the aura to aid connection to and expression of your ongoing soul‑purpose and highest possibility for this life. They also help to focus your intention and better recognise your accomplishments during times of change. Bringing you closer to self‑understanding, they support the greater potential of an individual, group or community.

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  • ArchAngeloi Essence Michael (20ml) 34,61

    ArchAngeloi Michael may help one to more easily clear the way towards opening one’s heart.

    Theme: Trust, faith and clarity of purpose.

    The energies of this Essence may be supportive in:

    • Letting go of intense fears and anxieties
    • Developing trust and faith
    • Releasing restrictive patterns or habits of worry and confusion, in order to experience peace and clarity
    • Connects with Equilibrium bottle B94
  • ArchAngeloi Essence Gabriel (20ml) 34,61

    Theme: Manifesting potential and purpose.

    ArchAngeloi Gabriel may lead one towards developing the ability to be true to oneself.

    The energies of this Essence may be supportive in:

    • Help us bring our potential, or path of destiny, into reality.
    • Releasing patterns of grief and longing, sadness and anxiety, leading to newfound hope and freedom.
    • Finding a new source of inspiration within oneself.
    • To live a life that is true to one’s nature.
    • Connects with Equilibrium bottle B95
  • Archangeloi Essence Raphael 20ml 34,61

    Theme: Awakening of intuition.

    ArchAngeloi Raphael encourages a soothing balm of peace, which promotes a sense of wellbeing and wholeness.

    The energies of this Essence may be supportive in:

    • Awaken to one’s inner voice
    • Become more aware of insight as one releases patterns of critical perception and distractions
    • Turn attention to the good of all concerned, of our community
    • Connects with Equilibrium bottle B96
  • ArchAngeloi Essence Uriel (20ml) 34,61

    ThemeDeep inner peace and clear intuitive perceptions.

    ArchAngeloi Uriel helps to support the growth towards clarity of intuitive perception and fosters the experience of deep inner peace.

    The energies of this Essence may be supportive in:

    • Become aware of one’s habits and patterns of anxiety and confusion and release them;
    • Express one’s true, soul-inspired self in the world.
    • Be more open and receptive to one’s perceptions, and share one’s heartfelt wisdom.
    • Connects with Equilibrium bottle B97
  • ArchAngeloi Essence Sandalphon (20ml) 36,04

    ThemeCompassion, co-operation and interdependence.

    ArchAngeloi Sandalphon brings an understanding of the meaning of interdependence and community. The energies of this Essence may inspire one to a profound capacity for compassion, interdependence and cooperation.

    The energies of this Essence may be supportive in:

    • Move away from reactions of conflict and competition.
    • Experience greater wholeness and an acceptance and appreciation of diversity.
    • Be more open and receptive to our interactions with our community and with life on Earth.
    • Connects with Equilibrium bottle B98
  • ArchAngeloi Essence Tzadkiel (20ml) 34,61

    ThemeA new experience and expression of love.

    ArchAngeloi Tzadkiel brings the possibility of rebirth, a new perspective in one’s understanding and experience of love.

    The energies of this Essence may be supportive in:

    • Dissolve barriers of reactivity and anger with self-acceptance and caring towards others.
    • Release bitterness and discouragement and find a new hope.
    • Dissolve frustration in order to experience a rebirth of the possibilities of expressing peace and love.
    • Develop a new appreciation for the feminine, both within one’s culture and within oneself.
    • Connects with Equilibrium bottle B99
  • ArchAngeloi Essence Metatron (20ml) 34,61

    ThemeThe most intense light shining into the depths of the dark.

    ArchAngeloi Metatron can help us to sense and strengthen one’s support for the wealth of all; the talents, qualities and potentials within one. The energies within this Essence inspires one to perceive, understand and strengthen the totality of one’s qualities,

    The energies of this Essence may be supportive in:

    • See oneself clearly and transparently and come to understand who one is.
    • Look into one’s shadow and reclaim one’s projections.
    • Appreciate that what we had attributed to ‘the other’ is a part of self.
    • Become aware of the wheel of life, the laws of nature, and cause and effect.
    • Step into synchronicity for the unfoldment of one’s personal destiny.
    • Cooperate with the development and stabilization of the planetary grid energy patterns.
    • Connects with Equilibrium bottle B100
  • ArchAngeloi Essence Jophiel (20ml) 34,61

    ThemeReturning to the ‘Garden of the Heart’.

    ArchAngeloi Jophiel offers a way for one to perceive a greater truth, harmony and hope. The energies within this Essence may inspire one to consciously experience a sense of peace, trust and calm.

    The energies of this Essence may be supportive in:

    • Feel a sense of spaciousness and new hope that allows for release restrictive patterns of cynicism and self-blame.
    • Open one’s heart to love in a new way.
    • Feel a greater sense of harmony within oneself.
    • Appreciate who one is and joyfully allow the essence of self to express in the world.
    • Connects with Equilibrium bottle B101
  • ArchAngeloi Essence Chamael (20ml) 34,61

    ThemeA knowing that all is perfect in being as it is.

    ArchAngeloi Chamael enhances one’s sense of caring in what one does. The energies within this Essence may help towards breaking the barriers of preferential activity.

    The energies of this Essence may be supportive in:

    • Appreciate the beauty in everything around us.
    • Connect with unconditional love and divine love.
    • Learn self-acceptance and to love ourselves.
    • Connects with Equilibrium bottle  B104
  • Full Set 9 Archangeloi Essence 20ml 311,45

    The Full Set of 9 ArchAngeloi Essences 20ml includes the following: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Sandalphon, Tzadkiel, Metatron, Jophiel & Chamael.

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