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Day to day life presents us with many challenges which can take their toll – both physically and mentally – from trauma to everyday stress. The same can also be said for the effect on your aura (the colourful electromagnetic field, or light body, surrounding your physical self) which you can restore and re-balance by regularly using an Aura-Soma Pomander.
Used to cleanse and refresh the energetic system, the vibrational qualities of the Aura-Soma Pomanders act to re-energise, strengthen and protect your physical, emotional being and aura, empowering you and elevating your consciousness. In addition to restoring balance, these infusions can be used to focus intent on your everyday life.


The colours of our aura change with our mood and environment. An Aura-Soma Pomander is designed to help protect and maintain the integrity of our electromagnetic fields. Available in 18 colors, each Pomander contains 49 herbs with a predominance of six essential oils. The White holds a special place amongst the colours, as it is the only one which contains all 49 herbs in equal balance. Following your intuition, you’ll instinctively be drawn to the colours you need. For example, pink may bring us the experience of love and warmth, whereas turquoise may help us communicate our creativity.

  • White – Brings in the light of clear perception and the energy of renewal.
  • Pink – Love and self-acceptance which brings warmth and caring for self and others.
  • Deep Red – Grounding with earth energies and strongly re-energising.
  • Red – Energy and enthusiasm, grounding of purpose and re-vitalising.
  • Coral – Love Wisdom, to love and care in a new way.
  • Pale Coral – Strong emphasis on relationship, supports the collective working together towards a common goal.
  • Orange – Restores balance and stimulates deep insight.
  • Gold – Deep joy in reconnecting with innate and collective wisdom.
  • Yellow – Fun, laughter and self-knowledge.
  • Lime Green – Detoxifies heart and soul.
  • Olive Green – Cleansing and refreshing.
  • Emerald Green – Finding one’s own space, going to the heart of things.
  • Turquoise – Creativity and playfulness.
  • Sapphire Blue – Peace and communication.
  • Royal Blue – Infinite possibilities and inner seeing.
  • Violet – Calm and balancing, bringing ‘the sweetness of Spirit’.
  • Magenta – As I offer this sacred substance to myself, for myself, I love myself and feel the love from above.
  • Deep Magenta – Serving humanity with energised compassion and deep caring.


For the most powerful and positive impact on your aura, follow the sequence outlined below with your chosen Pomander.

Make sure you’re standing, with space around you
Place three drops in the palm of your left hand and rub both palms together
Stretch your arms straight above your head, with palms facing each other. Imagine the flow of energy from the left hand into the right hand
Bring your hand towards each other and move them slowly around one another without touching, keeping them above your head
Then, join the palms together, palm to palm, remaining above your head
Keeping them together, bring your hands slowly down, past your face, to your heart.
Place one hand over the other on your heart and pause for a few seconds
When you’re ready, bring your hands apart and bend slowly to touch the ground, letting the energy flow into the earth
When you’re ready to close the sequence, stand up and bring your hands up to your mouth and nose. Take three breaths deep into the temple of the body.


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