Born in Greece, I was inspired by my tourist guides parents, started exploring my individual path and connections with the ancient mystics and wisdom in my early years.

  • As a restless spirit, I began to discover the different aspects of my inner qualities.
  • I am involved successfully in Arts, Jewelry Design, Publishing, Filmmaking, Photography, and Performance.
  • During my inner journey, I developed my intuition & inner guidance through Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Za Zen & Merkabah meditation, Aura-Soma, Reiki, Sacred Geometry, and Sufism.
  • I have supported thousands of people worldwide, through individual consultations on-site and distance. My asset is my experience in different areas of life combined with his intuition that can support daily life and spiritual evolution
  • Nowadays I am sharing inspirational speeches & teaching spiritual, self-development courses around the globe, continuing my evolvement with the Fine Arts.
  • My vision is to merge Spirituality & Arts in all aspects of Life, inspiring others to live Life as Art, and be connected with their inner wisdom, creating a higher consciousness for themselves and the Planet.
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